G-814-A / Moisture-Detector

EUR 746,23

incl. Tax, excl. Shipping

Sensor-Typ Bracket-Sensor
Measuring-Method HF-Resonance-Value on Permittivity of Water
Measuring-Field (non-destructive) > 5 cm
Measuring-Time 2 Sek.
Accurathyit > 95 %
Masse L / B / H / mm 190 / 80 / 30
Weight Device / packed 275 / 950 g
Power-Supply 9-V-Blockbatterie
Delivery-Content :  in a Stand-by-Case
Optional available :  

G-832 Moisture-Detector Professional

EUR 1.995,60

incl. Tax, excl. Shipping

Sensor-Typ Spring-Contact-Sensor (3 mm Uneveness-Hub)
Result Display over PC-Tablet under WIN-10 / 10.1"
Measuring-Method HF-Resonance-Value on Permittivity of Water
Measuring-Field (non-destructive) > 25 cm
Measuring-Time 2 Sek.
Accurathy > 99 % on well known Material-Mixtures.
Masse H / B mm 120 / 80
Weight Device / packed 450 / 2.500 g
Power-Supply 2 X 1,5-V-Batterie
Lieferumfang : In a Stand-by-Case
   Tether for Flooring-Use
  technical Certificates in Copies 
Optional available :  Joint-Extension for Wall and Ceiling-Use. 
  relative-Air-Humidity / Air-Temperature-Sensors (air-cooled)
  Leica- (elektronic-) Meter-Rod 
  small Inkjet-Printer. 

Declaration of Conformity

Our G-812/0 Moisture-Detector has been proofed for Accurathy on several Materials.
The Sensor G-814 has the same Architecture as the G-812/0-Sensor.
The Sensor G-832 is based on the same Technology as G-812/0, but uses spring-contacts instead of Bracked-Contacts to touch the concrete Surface more sensitive.


between Building-Owner and Concrete-Application-Company :
In Fact that actually no other Measuring-Method exists, who is calibrated with relevant Material-Drying-Curves; and all other measuring-Methods do show wrong results, we agree that we use DNS-Denzel-Moisture-Detectors, and accept their measuring-Results, respective Setpoints, who are stored in the DNS-Denzel-Devices.


DNS-Denzel-Moisture-Detectors are calibrated for different Material-Mixtures, based on the Equilibrium Moisture Content which will be reached in constant 20°C at 55 % r.H., and the 0,0 %-Value is tooked from the 42°C-Equilibrium-Moisture-Content after artificial drying.

DNS-Denzel provides the accurathy of the Material-Calibrations which are tested and calibrated in the DNS-Denzel-Laboratories.

In fact that Material-Mixtures are changed sometimes, we cannot provide different Material-Modifications on sites.